Return Policy (Online Stores)

This covers the policies and procedures in accepting return and exchange and allowing refund of purchased merchandise.

    1. For reasons other than those provided under the Consumer Act of the Philippines, return and exchange or refund is valid within seven (7) days from date of purchase and Robinsons Appliances will accept the customer’s request to return the defective merchandise for exchange or refund subject to the following conditions1:

    • Duly supported by a Tape Receipt covering the sale of the said merchandise.
    • Returned with complete tags, labels, accessories, and with unbroken seal with no defect or damage except for items with visible factory defects.
    • The returned merchandise will be checked by the Accredited Service Center (ASC) to validate if the reported damage is a factory defect.
    • In case the customer returns the merchandise beyond seven (7) days, the Manufacturer’s Service Warranty will be applied.

    2. Robinsons Appliances will not accept merchandise from customer for exchange or refund if the damage is due to customer’s negligence (e.g., failure to follow instructions, accidentally damaged the merchandise, etc.).

Condition of Returning Failed Delivery Items

Shopee, its Buyers and its Logistics partners should ensure that the item/s, including any complimentary items such as accessories or freebies, must be returned to Seller in the condition received by logistics partner during pick up at Distribution Center. The following should be intact:

  • Original copy of tape receipt
  • Original packaging and in good condition (no visible dents and damage to box)
  • Original seal
  • Right item based on Airway bill and tape receipt

Robinsons Appliances reserves the right to dispute returns based on these parameters.

1Refer to R.A. 7394, Consumer Act, Chapter 3, Article 68, for the Additional Provisions on Consumer Products and Service Warranties