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Upright FAQ

What is an upright freezer?
Also known as standalone freezers, upright freezers are simply the taller and narrower versions of a chest freezer. While they are considered dedicated freezers, they are also designed to occupy smaller areas and can fit into a kitchen or garage with no problem.

What are the advantages of an upright freezer?
Upright freezers have built-in shelving to make it easier to store and organize your frozen goods. You don't have to take out baskets and dig through layers of food like you would with a chest freezer. Moreover, upright freezers also keep frozen items intact as the shelves prevent the need for groceries to be stacked on top of each other, which can cause damage. It is also easier to move an upright freezer around as they are built to fit through most doorways.

How large are most models of an upright freezer?
Typically, upright freezers have compact, small, medium, and large sizes. Compact sizes are usually 5 cubic feet and under while small sizes range from 5 to 9 cubic feet. Medium-sized upright freezers are from 12 to18 cubic feet while the largest upright freezers are 18 cubic feet and higher.