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What kinds of toasters are there?
Most of us would be familiar with the pop-up toasters that can only accommodate 2-4 slices of bread. However, there are other types of toasters in the market as well. Oven-type toasters allow people to evenly toast or reheat different kinds of bread and have a detachable tray, much like a traditional oven. There are also conveyor belt toasters that toast pastries quickly.

What makes a good toaster?
Whether you prefer bagels or loaf bread, a good toaster can toast bread evenly on both sides to give you hot bread with a crispy exterior every time. Additionally, a toaster worth having in your kitchen should work quickly, have the capacity you're looking for, and be easy to clean.

What else can I use a toaster for?
In addition to toasting bread, a toaster can also be great for heating up different types of foods. Depending on the model you purchase, you can use a toaster to heat cold pizza without burning or dehydrating it or defrost frozen pastries as well. A good toaster is both versatile and effective.