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Wall Mounted Aircon FAQ

What is the cooling power of a wall-mounted aircon?
This can vary between brands and models, but a wall-mounted AC unit will typically be able to cool a single room. If you only want to buy an aircon for one room in your home or building, then a wall-mounted unit should suffice. It is much cheaper and easier to install than a centralized unit and will still meet your needs.

What is the advantage that a wall-mounted AC unit has over a window unit?
Window units are usually bulky and need to be installed in a present opening in your room. You don't have to modify your current windows or have someone cut a hole in your wall when you have a wall-mounted unit.

Do I need to redecorate my room to install a wall-mounted aircon?
No. Wall-mounted units can seamlessly blend into the current setup of your room. You don't have to rearrange your decor to accommodate it. These AC units are also more aesthetically pleasing due to their sleeker and smaller design.