Small Kitchen Appliances

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What are the small kitchen appliances that every Pinoy household should have?
Every Pinoy household should have its own assortment of small kitchen appliances. These include a rice cooker, an oven toaster, a blender, a water dispenser, an electric kettle, and a coffee maker to name a few. They can be used on either a table top or counter top, and are easy to plug in and move around.

What should you look for in small kitchen appliances?
When shopping for small kitchen appliances, look for items from brands with a reputation for quality. Look for reviews online about the product’s durability. Take note of the size dimensions so that you can properly gauge how much space it’ll take up in your kitchen. And lastly, see to it that your purchase of the appliance comes with manufacturer warranty, just in case there are any defects to your machine.

What are the best tips to maintain your small kitchen appliances?
Proper maintenance of your small kitchen appliance will depend on what type it is. Nevertheless, some good rules to follow for cleaning are: always keep the surface clean of dirt, and remove water residue or food debris from them. Always make sure the device is off before you clean it. And lastly, make sure that you plug the device into the correct power outlet. For additional tips on maintenance and cleaning, consult each individual appliance’s user manual.