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What is a single tub washing machine?
A single tub is a type of semi-automatic machine that washes and spin dries your laundry in the same compartment. It is also called a top loader because of its single door. The tub contains an outer and an inner layer with holes that allow water to drain out during the drying process.

What are the advantages of a single tub washing machine?
Compared to the twin tub washing machine, single tub machines are much easier to use because both washing and drying functions happen within the same machine. You simply need to put your laundry in, add water and detergent, and start the machine. Single tub washing machines are ideal for individuals who lead a busy lifestyle and need to do their laundry quickly and efficiently.

What do I need to consider when choosing a single tub washing machine?
You need to consider how much space you have in your home and the price of the model you plan to buy. While most single tub washing machine models are quite affordable, some of them can be bulky. Make sure you can fit the washing machine in your home.