Single-Door Refrigerator

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How energy-efficient are single-door refrigerators?
Compared to double-door refrigerator models, single-door refrigerators use about 30% to 40% less power. This is due to their smaller size and the fact that they operate on direct cool technology instead of frost-free technology. If you happen to live alone or share your residence with 1 or 2 people, a single-door refrigerator should meet your needs while keeping your electricity bills from spiking too high.

Are single-door refrigerators easier to manage?
Since they only have one door and one handle, you have less to clean when it's time to wipe down and disinfect your fridge. Moreover, you can also close a single-door refrigerator with less effort, making it best for households with elderly people, small children, and disabled persons who may not be strong enough to push a refrigerator door closed.

How much can a single-door refrigerator hold?
Most models with a single door have a capacity of 50-250 liters, depending on the brand of the model that you purchase. This model is best for smaller households.