Rice Cooker

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Why should I use a rice cooker to cook rice?
A rice cooker has been specifically designed to cook rice at the optimal temperature and conditions, so you can get perfectly cooked rice every time you use it. Moreover, you don't need to constantly check your rice or reheat it like you would with the stove top cooking method. You can simply keep the rice in the compartment with the setting on warm until it's time to serve it.

Can I use a rice cooker even if I'm too busy?
Absolutely. One big advantage of using a rice cooker is that you can simply press a button and leave it alone. It can be dangerous to do this if you were cooking rice on a stove. Additionally, some rice cookers even have timed settings that you can set before leaving for work and come back to perfectly cooked rice for dinner.

What else I can cook using a rice cooker?
Rice cookers are more versatile than you think. You can use it to make oatmeal and porridge, steamed vegetables, quick risotto, slow-cooked dishes, and much more.