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What is a range hood?
Also called a fume extractor or a kitchen hood, a range hood is essentially a fan inside a canopy that is installed above the range or stove top. Its main purpose is to remove gasses, heat, odors, and sometimes airborne grease that are produced during meal preparation to keep the kitchen well-ventilated. Some range hoods lead the air outside while others may filter the air and release it back into the kitchen.

What are the benefits of a range hood?
While it is often overlooked, a range hood can make your kitchen feel cleaner and more comfortable. A range hood can essentially remove the hot and stuffy feeling that often results from cooking food. This creates a more pleasant environment while preparing meals, making it especially useful when staying inside the kitchen for extended periods of time.

What features should I look out for in a range hood?
Make sure that the range hood is at least the same width as your range or stove. Moreover, look for models that have varying fan speeds, thermostat controls, and an exhaust timer. This way, you can easily adjust its functions according to your needs.