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Why should you have a range hood installed in your kitchen?
A range hood is a must-have for a busy household kitchen, especially if your favorite dishes include grilling or frying. The purpose of the range hood is to fan away airborne grease, excess smoke, and often toxic fumes that are often the byproduct of cooking. You should definitely invest in a quality range to keep the air in your kitchen clean and breathable.

What are the advantages of having a range hood?
Range hoods can do a lot to preserve the health of anyone cooking in the kitchen. When turned on, they will remove steam, heat, and gases that collect inside. This will improve the kitchen’s ventilation and reduce the amount of toxic air that you and your household members are exposed to. In addition, some range hoods work alongside fire suppression devices, which can protect you better in case of a grease fire.

What’s the best way to maintain your range hood?
First, keep an eye out for problems in your range hood. Take note if it’s not absorbing smoke or steam like it usually does. That may mean that the duct is clogged with grease, the air filter is dirty, or the fan isn’t working. Contact a technician to clean the vent, replace the motor, check the air filter, and do any other troubleshooting. Keep the hood looking spick and span by spraying a degreaser or household cleaning spray on it, then wiping its surface with a clean cloth.