Range, Stove & Microwave Oven

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What are the differences between a range and a stove?
A range is essentially a combination of a stove and oven and is gas-powered. It provides the most versatility in terms of meal preparation as you can cook and bake with it. On the other hand, a stove may be gas-powered or electric. While you may only be able to cook with it, a stove is typically more affordable and takes up less space than a range would.

What are the benefits of having a microwave in my kitchen?
While a microwave cannot replace a range or a stove, it can be extremely useful in simplifying food preparation. You can use it to defrost frozen goods you're cooking with and reheat food with a lesser chance of burning it. Moreover, you can easily take your attention away from a microwave but not a stove.

Should I own all three?
Not necessarily. You can make do with a range and a microwave, especially if you live in a smaller household. Purchase according to your needs and stick with what will fit in your kitchen.