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"Personal Refrigerator FAQ Where can I put a personal refrigerator? You can put one anywhere you like! The beauty of the personal refrigerator is in its compact design and small size. It is easy to install in your bedroom, living area, office, and anywhere else in your home. What can I use a personal refrigerator for? Personal refrigerators are great for keeping your favorite beverages and snacks cold and within reach. There’s no need to go all the way to the kitchen to enjoy a cold beer or a candy bar. You don't need to share with anyone either. If you have medicines or supplies that need to be kept cold, you can store them in your personal fridge without worrying about people taking them by mistake. You can also store your creams, masks, and other skin care products in your personal fridge to optimize their benefits too. Are personal refrigerators energy efficient? Yes, they are! Since they have a smaller capacity, they use up less electricity than a larger refrigerator would. Moreover, many models of personal refrigerators come with energy-saving technology."