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Other Package Type Aircon FAQ

What are other package type aircon models?
A package type aircon is essentially a larger window type AC unit. Depending on the make and model, package type aircons can have nominal cooling capacities between 3 to 17 tons. They are more powerful than most mounted AC units but not as intense as a central AC system. Many homes and small commercial buildings make use of package type aircons.

How many types of other package type aircons are there?
There are two that are most often used, the package type air conditioners with condensers and the packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) units. A PTAC unit is a self-contained AC system that works similarly to a window AC unit. It has built-in controls for time, temperature settings, and modes and is energy-saving. Package type air conditioners with condensers (either water- or air-cooled) are better suited to cool down larger areas. Unlike PTAC units, these aircons with condensers do not have built-in controls.

What are some advantages of other package type aircons?
Package type aircons are self-contained and are space-saving, energy-efficient, and versatile. They are installed outside your home and can still keep your home cool.