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translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price ₱13,999.00
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What should you be looking for in a new mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or consumer gadget? 

When shopping for any of these devices, see if its qualities fit your needs. This is the best way to see if your intended device is worth the money you’ll spend on it. For example, if you want the perfect music player for your daily commute, look for one with a compact and sturdy design. If you want a laptop that you can depend on for intensive work, like graphic design or coding, make sure it has the right specs. It’ll be a good idea to research the products ahead and look for user reviews on them. 


When is it a good time to replace your old mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or other gadget? 

One question Pinoys ask often about electronic devices like mobile phones, laptop computers, and tablets is when they should be replaced. If your current device is working just fine, then maybe there’s no need to buy another one. However, there may come a point where your gadget won’t be able to keep up with you. Maybe it won’t work with updated versions of the software it uses, or maybe its storage capacity isn’t enough for you anymore. Those are good signs to invest in a new device that will make life easier, more convenient, and more fun for you! 


What are some ways to keep your laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other consumer gadgets in good shape? 

The best way to keep these devices in good shape is to read the user manuals that come with them. The user manuals should give you actionable tips on cleaning them, maintaining them, and troubleshooting common problems. It may also be a good idea to invest in protective casing or bags, so that there’s an additional layer shielding them from damage.