Samsung Microwave Oven (MS23K3513AW/TC 23L)
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Samsung Microwave Oven (MS23K3515AS/TC 23L)
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GE Microwave Oven (JEI2870SPSS)
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SHARP Microwave Oven (R72A SL)
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What should you consider before buying a microwave oven?
Microwave ovens are among the most common appliances in home kitchens, but you shouldn’t buy just any unit. Before purchasing a microwave oven, take note of its power requirements and its size. You may not need a very big or powerful unit if only one or two people will be using the microwave.
You should also pay attention to the heating and timer settings on the microwave, plus how these are laid out on its panel. You can choose between mechanical, dial, or feather-touch microwave panels—whichever you feel more comfortable with.
Lastly, consider the type of food you’ll be cooking often in the microwave, and make sure you’re buying the correct kind of unit. For simple meals that just need reheating, you can buy a solo microwave oven. But consider getting a convection microwave if you want to try grilling or baking with it.

What are some safety tips you should know when using a microwave oven?
Always make sure that the door of your microwave is fully closed when it’s on. Use microwave-safe containers made out of materials like glass, ceramic, or plastic that is labeled as microwave-safe. Never heat aluminum foil, aluminum cookware, or Styrofoam in your microwave oven. These tips should ensure that you don’t get hurt or get into a kitchen accident when you are using your microwave.

How can you clean your microwave?
Don’t forget to clean the microwave’s door, ceiling, and turntable whenever these get dirty. You can wipe them down with a towel and a simple cleaning solution made with baking soda, water and vinegar, or lemon juice. These will keep your microwave hygienic and in good condition.