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What’s in a home karaoke system?
A home karaoke system typically consists of a music player, speakers, microphones and microphone inputs, and voice alteration capacities. These are the components that will bring out your magical singing abilities!

What should you consider before buying a karaoke system?
Before purchasing a karaoke system, see if it’s compatible with the other devices you intend to use it with. Although most will pair their karaoke system with their TV, some systems can also accommodate music players and smartphones. In addition, get the type that’s user-friendly and easy to install. If your karaoke system has those qualities, it will be a delight to guest singers of all ages.

What features should you look for in your karaoke system?
It goes without question that your karaoke system needs great microphones. Get one that comes with wireless mics so that it will be easy for you to move around while you sing. You may also want the type that has optimum voice and sound control features, such auto voice control, echo control, and pitch control. Lastly, your karaoke machine should have an extensive song collection. Part of the fun is in choosing from the latest hits, the oldies, and the classics!