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Insect Killer FAQ

What is an electric insect killer?
Also called a bug zapper, an electric insect killer is a tool used to kill flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and wasps. They can best be identified by the zapping sound it creates whenever an insect comes into contact with it. Since these pests can possibly contaminate food or cause harm to people, electric insect killers are a great way to do away with them in a quick and unobtrusive manner.

How do electric insect killers work?
An electric insect killer is fitted with ultraviolet light to draw flying insects toward it. Most bugs can recognize UV light better than regular light and will start flying toward the light. However, the insect will instead fly into the electrically charged external grid and is vaporized in the process. The remains of the insects are then collected in the tray below for easy and convenient disposal.

Where should I install an electric insect killer?
It's best to place a bug zapper in an area that is far away from bright sources of light and entryways to your dining room and kitchen. Your front door, garage, or patio are good locations for an electric insect killer.