Hanabishi Dish Sterilizer (HDS-31)
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How does an automatic dishwasher work?
An automatic dishwashing machine washes your dishes with built-in water jets. All you’ll need to do is put your dishes inside the chamber and then turn it on. Jets of hot water will then spray very forcefully over your dishes, much like a water sprinkler. The dirty water will then go down your kitchen’s drainage system. Some dishwashers even come with a dry cycle, which means that they will automatically dry your dishes too. When you get your dishes back out, you’ll be ready to use them again immediately.

How does a dish sterilizer work?
A dish sterilizer, on the other hand, has designated cabinets where you can put dishes, utensils, and bottles inside. The cabinets can then be heated to a temperature that is hot enough to kill harmful germs on glass, plastic, stainless steel, or porcelain surfaces. This will make your homeware even safer to use despite potential exposure to insects, rodents, or dirt.

Is it worth it to buy an automatic dishwasher or dish sterilizer for your home?
Automatic dish washers and dish sterilizers will definitely level up the cleanliness and safety in your home. They can help you clean your homeware in a faster and more efficient manner than if you were to do everything manually. These machines can also help you avoid mold on your homeware, and it can also protect you better against bacteria and viruses. You may find these very helpful if you have a busy household that also includes very young, sickly, or elderly family members.