Fujidenzo 14cuft Chiller (SU-90A)
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What is the difference between a chiller and a normal refrigerator?
Chillers have a bigger capacity than most refrigerators, especially when you need to keep several items chilled at one time. They are a versatile machine that keeps food and drinks at temperatures well below the usual range of a refrigerator without completely freezing them. They are a great addition to food-related businesses like convenience stores, restaurants, bakeries, and more.

Why should I get a standalone chiller?
Chillers are excellent for keeping dairy products, produce, and drinks fresher for much longer while making them easier and quicker to use for food preparation. Moreover, a lot of chillers come with a transparent door so you can use them to store and display the beverages, finished cakes, and other food stuffs you have for sale.

What should I be looking for when purchasing a chiller?
There are a lot of factors to consider when you're choosing the right chiller. You would ideally want to get one that has adequate storage capacity, a bright top light display, and features that you can adjust like the thermostat and footing.