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Why should you buy a basic TV?
Now that smart TVs are becoming more common, some people think it’s a waste of money to buy a basic TV. But on the flip side, buying a smart TV may not be practical for your budget. It may be more than enough for a TV to have the basic features that you need. What matters is that it can deliver the features that you need—and that’s the importance of buying a quality TV.

What can you use a basic TV for?
There are a lot of things you can use your basic TV for. Nothing beats watching your favorite shows from your list of channels on your reliable TV screen. Most models also have HDMI ports, which will allow you to connect your TV to DVD player, gaming console, or even your computer. Most customers at Robinsons Appliances buy basic TVs for home use, but they are popular for the office as well.

What should you consider before buying a basic TV?
Even if it’s the basic type, you should still want your TV to perform based on your needs. Find one that can play the media you have in your list. Get the right size and make sure it fits where you want to place it. Look for the type with a colorful display and ample sound quality. And above all, choose a TV that’s within your price range.