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Basic Frontload Washing Machine FAQ

Is it better to buy a frontload washing machine or topload washing machine?
The two most common types of basic washing machine are the frontload washing machine and the topload washing machine. Fans of frontload washing machines like them for many reasons. For one, it’s easier to monitor how the clothes are being washed, as one can simply peek into the washer door. Also, frontload machines wash clothes much more gently than topload machines do, which makes them ideal for delicate fabrics. They also consume less water per washing cycle. If you’re extra careful about how you wash your clothes—and are conscious about your utility bills—a frontload washer will be good for you.

What qualities should you look for in a basic frontload washing machine?
You will want to buy a basic frontload washing machine that has multiple spin cycles and a large load capacity. It should also be easy for you to use. Get a machine that’s just the right size for the space you intend to put it in and that isn’t too big. Lastly, buy a machine from a reputable brand that also offers a manufacturer’s warranty.

What are some tips to keep your new basic frontload washing machine in good condition?
Clean your frontload washing machine’s gaskets and dispensers every once in a while. This is to prevent mold or mildew from getting into your machine. You should also choose your detergent carefully, and measure it in exact amounts per washer cycle. This will keep suds and soap residue from building up in your machine. Follow these tips to ensure great performance out of your frontload washing machine.