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Air Curtain FAQ

What is an air curtain?
Air curtains are fan-powered devices that are attached to the tops of entryways in commercial buildings. It ejects a stream of hot or cold air that acts as an invisible barrier over doorways to keep two different environments separate without limiting access to either place.

What are the benefits of an air curtain?
It’s much cheaper and easier to install in any property as alternative to a vestibule. Air curtains are designed to protect people from heat, insects, and odors from the outside while maintaining the comfortable atmosphere of building's interior. Air curtains also keep doorways and driveways from getting crowded during inclement weather and make building sanitation easier to do for cleaners as bugs and unpleasant smells are kept out.

Are air curtains energy-saving?
Yes, they are. The barrier produced by air curtains reduces the transfer of hot and cold air between two locations, so air conditioning units don't have to work as hard in maintaining the temperature of the building. Establishments that have to keep their doors open because of the high foot traffic can save more on their electric bills by installing air curtains.