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What air cooling device should you have in your home?
Split-type and window air conditioners are great investments for your home, but it can be very costly to keep them running all the time. If you want to cut expenses on your electricity bill, you can keep cool with smaller appliances like portable air conditioning units and electric fans. It’s recommended that you buy several so that you can keep them in different areas of your house. And if you want to move them from room to room, it won’t be hard for you to do so.

What should you consider before buying a portable aircon, air cooler, or electric fan for your home?
Whichever type of appliance you buy, you will want to consider its size, its features, and its power consumption. You should also take note of where in your house you’ll put your new air cooling device. It’ll be easy to move standing fans or floor fans around, but you should decide where to mount a wall or ceiling fan in advance.

How long is the service life of an air cooling appliance?
It depends on which air cooling appliance you buy. However, you can expect an ordinary electric fan to last you at least 3 years, and a portable air conditioner should last around 10 years. Beyond that, you may want to consider getting replacements for your appliances. But treat your appliances well and they will keep you cool for the longest possible time.