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Top 8 Tips for Hosting an Amazing (Yet Safe) House Party


During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, all kinds of gatherings were prohibited. As an example, those who held their weddings had to keep their guest list extremely short; meanwhile, those celebrating had to hold “Zoom parties” with their friends and family.


Thankfully, it appears that things are slowly but surely getting better. Restrictions are gradually being eased, as more and more people are getting vaccinated. As such, it might be possible for everyone to meet up soon! Of course, it’s still best to follow health protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Just because there are fewer restrictions in place doesn’t mean that the coronavirus doesn’t exist anymore.


One way to be a little safer when it comes to having parties is to hold them at your well-furnished home. This way, you’re a little more in control of things like the number of guests, ventilation, and cleanliness. Here are some tips to keep in mind for a safe yet fun house party:


Send Invitations in Advance


Whether there’s a pandemic or not, it’s only polite to send invitations for any kind of event well in advance. This is so that people can plan ahead and secure any requirements (e.g., vaccination certificate). Ideally, you should allocate at least three to four weeks so that the invitees can also complete a two-week quarantine when needed. Of course, you should also limit your guests to only those who are fully vaccinated for everyone’s peace of mind.


Let Your Neighbors Know


It’s normal for parties to last well into the night; sometimes, they can also get a little loud. As such, it’s only common courtesy to let your neighbors know that you’re having a gathering. This way, there are no unpleasant surprises. (Of course, do your due diligence to prevent the party from getting too rowdy.)


If you live in a condo or similar residential buildings, you may also need to let the security or lobby personnel know that guests are coming over. Provide a list of names and let your guests know of the safety procedures being implemented by the management.


Keep the Music Playing


What’s a house party without some good music, right? Fortunately, it’s easy to curate a playlist and be a DJ for the night using music streaming services. You can even connect your device to TV speakers for richer, fuller audio quality. (Though again, be mindful of the volume—extra loud music can annoy neighbors and cause hearing problems.)


Go For Finger Foods


For a hassle-free house party, it’s best to serve finger foods like club sandwiches, sliders, kebabs, and chips. For healthier fare, vegetable sticks are a simple option. This type of menu can make clean-ups so much easier; it’s also a good way to encourage your guests to eat more without them feeling too stuffed.


When prepared right, finger foods are also low-touch and are thus perfect for minimizing the risk of spreading germs. Kebabs are a perfect example of this; you can also provide paper cups or plates pre-filled with snacks so all your guests have to do is to pick what they want.


Keep the Drinks Simple


When it comes to drinks at a house party, you should live by the motto “the simpler, the better.” This allows you to make more and keep the drinks flowing all night. Of course, don’t forget to provide beverage options for non-drinkers. Finally, provide one cup or glass per guest to keep things hygienic. If you want, you can use cup holders labeled with everyone’s names so no one will get confused about whose glass is which.


Start Early, End Early


As of November 2021, the “pandemic curfew” has been lifted in Metro Manila. Nevertheless, unless you’re planning on having everyone stay over at your place, it’s best to start your gathering early. This way, people still have ample time to get back home. Be strict about the time as well, so you don’t have to cut any celebrations short.


Have Some Games or Movies Ready


For a truly great house party, it’s best to keep a few games on hand. Some of your best bets are card or board games with simple rules, or multiplayer video games if you have a console. A lot of house parties also turn into movie nights, so be sure to line up a couple of films for you and your guests to enjoy. Don’t forget the popcorn!


Stock Up on Bathroom Essentials


Lastly and perhaps most importantly, keep your bathroom stocked with the essentials. Purchase a few packs of bathroom tissues and paper towels so you don’t run out, and get a bottle of liquid soap for easier hand-washing. You may also want to place bottles of hand sanitizer or alcohol as well as packs of wet wipes in accessible locations for quick cleanups.



The long lockdown period has understandably caused cabin fever in a lot of people. Having a house party—while still abiding by minimum health protocols—can be a great way to alleviate the stress.


Be a responsible host! Keep these tips in mind to help you organize a fun yet safe party at home.