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Creating the Perfect Home Theater Setup on a Budget

Home theaters used to be seen as a sort of status symbol for the rich and famous. The rapid improvement in audiovisual technology and the trend of designing modular gadgets that can be easily connected with each other in recent years, however, have made it much easier for regular consumers to set up their own home theaters without exceeding their budgets. If you’re planning on setting up an AV system and upgrading your movie-viewing or series-binging experience at home, then here are some of the components that you should consider buying for your entertainment center.


Safe to say, the television is the pièce de résistance of every home theater system. Just a few years ago, purchasing a wide-screen television can be a bank-breaking expense. These days, depending on your preferences and the features that you want to enjoy, it’s pretty easy to buy a high-definition TV without spending more than PHP 20,000. If a frameless, 85-inch, 4K Ultra HD smart TV is out of your range, then it’s perfectly fine to purchase a regular flat screen TV. Just pair the unit with a decent Android TV box or other smart media players like streaming sticks and dongles to replicate the experience of watching movies and videos on a smart TV. This additional device will let you access YouTube, Netflix, Viu, and other online streaming services.


While it’s perfectly fine to hook your TV up to your existing audio system, it’s worth it to invest in a soundbar if you want to experience the immersive cinematic sounds in a commercial theater right in your own home. A soundbar refers to a streamlined audio unit with several loudspeakers, and it’s capable of projecting virtual surround sound. Compared to other and older audio units, a soundbar can do more while occupying a smaller space, all while neither costing too much nor requiring the use of cumbersome cables and wires. If you have the space and budget for it, though, nothing beats the sound quality delivered by a five-point one surround sound system. This system includes left and right speakers and surround speakers as well as subwoofers.


If you’ve decided to go with a soundbar, then it’s likely that you’ll get a subwoofer with the package, but this isn’t always the case. The addition of a subwoofer improves the bass quality of your sound system, allowing listeners to enjoy that “booming” sound effect. The subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room, but if you want it to generate more bass, you can set it near the wall. Don’t be afraid to tweak the settings a little so you won’t have a hard time hearing the film’s dialogue or music.

Other Accessories and Home Theater Features

In addition to acquiring appliances and gadgets that can deliver a top-notch viewing and listening experience, it’s important to consider your personal comfort while viewing. Perhaps you already have a sofa that you want to place in the theater, or maybe you’re eyeing a pair of cushy recliners for the space so you can truly sit back and relax at the end of every day? If you want a truly immersive experience and if noise is an issue in your location, then it’s also a good idea to determine if your theater room needs soundproofing before you start installing its electric components. In many instances, installing acoustic panel foams should significantly reduce the amount of outside noise that can get into the viewing area. Adding blackout curtains can also do the trick while minimizing the light that gets inside the theater.

If purchasing new appliances in one go is not an option, it’s perfectly fine to buy the appliances that will make up your home theater system over time. After all, most modern entertainment appliances can be connected seamlessly even though they belong to different brands. With a bit of patience, you’ll be able to set up a comfy home theater system without compromising your budget.