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As restrictions are easing, many people are moving away from their work-from-home setup and returning to the office. This means ditching loungewear and wearing work-appropriate outfits. It also includes braving the rush-hour commute again. Depending on the distance from your home to your office, the commute to and from work can be long and grueling. You can expect to sit through traffic in a packed public transport, which can be a bit boring and uncomfortable. 

While waiting to reach your destination, some things can help make the daily commute more bearable. These include gadgets and accessories to keep yourself entertained, safe, and healthy. Whether you’ll be riding the train, taxi, TNVS cars, or bus, here is a list of gadgets every commuter must bring along on their journey. 


One gadget you must have wherever you go is your smartphone. No matter how you’re traveling, your phone will help you stay connected with loved ones and colleagues. And if you’re like most individuals, you can also rely on your phone to keep yourself entertained using various apps. You can listen to music or the latest podcast episodes through music streaming apps, browse social media, or play games to pass the time. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer an iOS or Android smartphone; the important thing is to have a phone to stay in touch and keep you company during your daily commute.

Wireless Headphones

If one of the ways you pass the time while you’re on your way to work is by listening to streaming apps, wireless headphones are a must. These gadgets provide an immersive experience that will help you tune into your favorite songs, audiobook, or podcast episode without worrying about tangled wires. In addition, they let you move freely and more comfortably in case you need to make transfers. Finally, because of their over-ear design, headphones fit better and won’t fall out of your ear like many earbuds typically do. 

When shopping for wireless headphones in the Philippines, make sure to check the features of the product and how they will be useful when you’re commuting. For example, wireless headphones with a long battery life can let you listen to your favorite songs through traffic jams. You can also find headphones with built-in mics for taking calls. 


While many electronic gadgets today are designed to have long-lasting batteries, some can easily lose charge due to constant use. If you don’t want to deal with your device running low on battery while commuting, having a powerbank is the best solution. A powerbank is essentially a battery pack that you can use to recharge your devices while you’re on the move. Powerbanks come in different sizes and also in various charging capacities.

The best way to determine the type of powerbank capacity you need is to consider how frequently you need to charge your device. If you’re a heavy device user and you frequently need to charge your electronics, go for a larger-capacity powerbank. Otherwise, a slimmer and lower-capacity powerbank is enough to provide your device with backup power.


A smartwatch is more than a timepiece; it also helps monitor your vitals while in transit. If you’re a health-conscious person, smartwatches can track your physical activity, from how many stairs you climbed to the hours of sleep you’ve had. Many of these wearable technologies have pedometers, heart rate monitors, and calorie counters to provide you with statistics you can use to improve your health.

In addition to keeping tabs on your health, you can connect your smartwatch to your phone so you can access notifications right at your wrist. This way, you won’t have to take out your phone from your pocket or bag just to read or respond to incoming calls and messages. You can also get notifications from your social media profiles through your smartwatch. When getting a smartwatch, make sure it’s compatible with your smartphone for seamless functions.

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated throughout the day is vital to your health. It keeps your joints lubricated, delivers nutrients to your body, and boosts your mood. It will also help you stay cool by regulating your body temperature. To ensure you always have access to clean water, make it a habit to bring a reusable water bottle. 

Many reusable containers available today feature a tougher and ergonomic design. These features allow you to comfortably carry the bottle without worrying about damaging them in case you accidentally bump it on doors and railings as you hop on and off public transport. If you prefer cold drinks, get an insulated water bottle. They have a vacuum-sealed construction that helps retain the liquid’s temperature longer than non-insulated ones.  

Anti-Theft Bag

With all these must-have gadgets you’ll take on your daily commute, you need a reliable bag to carry everything. While a standard bag can help you bring all your gear with you, you also need to consider something that will keep your belongings safe from thieves. Your best bet is an anti-theft bag with special features that make it more difficult for would-be thieves to gain access to your belongings. Many of these bags are made from slash-proof or reinforced materials, have hidden pockets, and lockable zippers.

Aside from security, anti-theft bags are designed to let the user comfortably use them. They have comfortable padded straps and multiple compartments, which makes them ideal for commuters.


As many individuals report back to the office, they’ll also have to deal with the daily commute. Staying in the same spot in packed public transport can be dull and unpleasant. Fortunately, these gadgets and accessories can help you pass the time comfortably, keep you safe, and even help you stay healthy. So, make sure bring these along to make your daily commute pleasant and enjoyable.