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When it comes to smartphone hunting, vloggers should look for units that offer specific features. Since you’ll be using their mobile phones mostly or even exclusively for work, you have to choose a device that fits your vlogging lifestyle. You need a smart phone in the Philippines that not only records your adventures in high-definition, but also keeps you connected with your community.

With so many new smartphone models to choose from, however, picking the right model can be quite challenging. Fortunately, you can narrow your choices down based on the features that can be useful for vlogging.

Here’s a look at the 7 most important ones that vloggers should look out for:

Excellent IP Rating

One of the first things vloggers need to consider when shopping for a smartphone is its IP rating. IP, or ingress protection, is the universally accepted measurement of a device’s resistance to liquid and dust infiltration. When smartphones have this feature, it means you can bring your mobile device out on the beach with peace of mind. The most common IP ratings for smartphones are IP66, IP67, and IP68, with IP68 offering maximum protection from dust and liquids.

Durable Construction

If you’re the thrill-seeking type of vlogger, you need a smartphone that’s built to handle your rugged adventures. That’s why it’s good to invest in a smartphone that is not just waterproof, but also shockproof. A shatterproof screen is also good to have. This way, if you accidentally drop your phone while riding an ATV, for example, the phone will still be operable and in good condition.

Smartphone Accessory Compatibility

To make the most of a smartphone’s photo and video capabilities, you can attach a variety of accessories to improve user experience. Equipment like selfie sticks, tripods, and smartphone-controlled drones can greatly enhance the production value of your photos and videos. As such, you need to consider a smartphone that’s flexible and compatible with various accessories.

Impressive Camera

Smartphones with basic cameras just won’t cut it with vloggers. Since your job requires you to record experiences through various forms of media, you need a mobile device that has a premium camera. There are a lot of high-end smartphones that can capture high-definition, ultrawide shots as well as take crisp, 4K quality videos at 60 fps. Some systems even boast the abilities of an action camera to keep videos stable during intense recordings.

Powerful RAM and Processor

A vlogger’s smartphone needs to act as an all-in-one device that can handle an on-the-go lifestyle. It must be able to take and edit media files, allow a seamless upload of files to social media accounts, and handle livestreams. That’s why it’s important for vloggers to use a smartphone that has a powerful RAM and processor.

A high random access memory or RAM will help you run multiple apps and programs at once. The processor, on the other hand, provides the instructions and processing power smartphones need to work. When you invest in smartphones with high RAM and a powerful processor, you lessen the risk of your mobile device freezing up or overloading so quickly. The best smartphones for vloggers should at least have 8 to 12GB of RAM.

As for the processors, it will depend on the manufacturer of the device. Apple products, for example, use the A15 Bionic chip. Some Android phones, on the other hand, use the Snapdragon 888 Plus or Exynos 2200.

Large Internal Storage and Expandable Storage

Having a lot of internal storage is crucial for vloggers to ensure that they have more than enough space to save all your photos and videos, as well as your apps. It’s also a plus if the smartphone allows you to install a micro SD card for additional storage so you can take even more photos and record more videos without having to delete other files.

The minimum storage space you should look for is 128GB. However, if you have the budget for something higher, go for it.

Long Battery Life

Finally, a vlogger’s perfect smartphone should have a long-lasting battery so you can stream and share content uninterrupted. A smartphone with long battery life also helps you update your social media accounts and do other tasks such as reply to messages.

It’s also more convenient to have a smartphone that can last for hours so you don’t have to scurry around looking for a socket or scramble to grab a power bank to keep your device running. Many of the latest smartphones come with batteries that last around 14 hours before they need to be charged.


Using the right equipment can enhance a vlogger’s content quality and quantity. That’s why it’s crucial for you to use a smartphone that fits your lifestyle and vlogging needs. When you have a smartphone that can do it all, you can take photos, shoot videos, and upload content with confidence.