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7 Gift Ideas for Gamers

Let’s face it: not everyone is good at giving gifts—that’s why there are guides like this one! For the gamers in your life, here are some things you can give them for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions:

A New Pair of Headphones

One of the best ways to support a gamer is to improve their gaming experience. One way to do this is to get them a high-quality pair of headphones. Philippines’ tech scene fortunately has a lot of options, including those with built-in mics for online chatting and streaming.

Do note that some headphones or earphones that are designed for listening to music may or may not be ideal for gaming. Thus, it’s best to do your research first before picking up a pair. Visit websites that make gaming gear or tech accessories reviews so you can get an idea about what’s good or bad.

A Gaming Laptop or Console

If you’re the “go big or go home” type of gift giver, then a new gaming laptop or video game console is definitely the way to go. For gaming laptops, make sure that the specs are good enough to run graphics-intensive games. For video game consoles, storage space is the main issue since a lot of games are now digital.

Since you’re going all-out with your gift, you might as well throw in a few accessories like the aforementioned pairs of headphones or earphones. You can also get a gaming mouse if you’re purchasing a laptop, or an extra controller if you’re buying a gaming console.

Gaming Gift Cards

Of course, a gamer can’t play games if they don’t have any! There are lots of top-tier games that come for free, but there are also a lot that aren’t. The problem is that you might not know what games your gamer friend or loved one wants.

Fortunately, you can purchase gift cards online. This way, you can give them the liberty to choose the games they want to get. Some gift cards can also be used to subscribe to gaming services, which some people might prefer over copies of games.

A Physical Copy of a Game

Speaking of copies of games, there are times when gamers prefer the physical edition (i.e., a CD) over the digital version. For one, a digital copy of the game takes up a lot of storage space; some titles can easily take up 20GB of space or even more. Eventually, the laptop or console’s storage won’t be able to accommodate more; this can slow down the system considerably.

Another reason some people want game CDs more is that these items can become collectibles in the future. This is especially true if the game developers released a special or limited edition. Many physical copies of games also come in special bundles that come with posters, figures, and other exclusive products.

Of course, before you buy a game CD, make sure that it’s something the recipient likes. Try checking their social media pages, your messaging history, or asking someone close to them so you can verify the person’s interest.

A Game Controller

Many mobile gamers will admit that it can be tricky to play using a phone or tablet. This is especially true for shooter games or games with a shooting mechanic, since it requires more precision. The good thing is that there are game controllers that can be linked with mobile devices for an improved gaming experience.

If you can, look for a controller that’s compatible with both iOS and Android. There are also controllers that can be used across various platforms (e.g., PC and mobile); if your giftee plays multiple games, this type of game controller will be your best bet.

An Old School Arcade System

For those who love retro games, an honest-to-goodness arcade “cabinet” might tickle their fancy. There are two ways you can go about this: get an exclusive console with just one game (or multiple versions of the game) or a 100-in-1 version with popular titles. The former is great for big fans of a game franchise, while the latter is perfect for more prolific gamers.

The most important thing about this gift is to make sure that the recipient has space for it in their home. If they don’t or you aren’t sure, get a handheld version instead.

Gamer Swag and Merch

If you’re looking for more affordable but still high-quality gifts, you can look for gamer swag like T-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts, and caps. You can also find mugs, water bottles, umbrellas and other merch with the game’s logo or featuring popular characters. You can also find other kinds of game memorabilia such as art books, key chains, figures, standees, pillows, towels, and a whole lot more.

Do note that official merch and tie-ups cost more than fan-made ones. For fan-made ones, just make sure to do your due diligence and verify if the seller isn’t making use of stolen art.


As you can see, it’s not difficult at all to shop for gifts for gamers—you might even find something you also like in the process!