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Many Filipino motorists know that having the right mobile device can help them drive safely and efficiently in the country. Aside from staying in touch through calls and text messages, smartphones can also help drivers stay entertained while stuck in a traffic jam and navigate unfamiliar roads through certain apps. That’s why when you buy gadgets online or in physical stores, make sure they can support your needs as a driver. For example, your smartphone must be compatible with your car’s connectivity features and have sufficient storage space to handle the apps you need. 

When it comes to which apps to install on your phone, you have a lot of options to choose from. If you’re looking for some ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re an iOS or Android smartphone user, here are some apps Filipino drivers will find useful: 


Even if you’re an experienced driver, you can still end up driving on unfamiliar roads. While relying on a printed city map allows you to navigate your way, you’ll need to stop every once in a while to make sure you’re reading the map right and you’re in the right place. 

When you have a navigation app like Waze installed on your phone, you no longer have to worry about directions. The app conveniently provides the best possible routes to your destination; it also features a navigation voice to guide you, so you can keep your eyes on the road while driving. In addition, Waze offers real-time information about the traffic situation of your route. This allows you to anticipate any potential traffic jams and find alternate ways to avoid them. 

Apart from navigation, Waze is also a social app, As a user, you can alert other motorists about nearby vehicular accidents, closures, road constructions, and other changes that may affect your trip. 


Traffic jams in Metro Manila can be grueling, especially during rush hours. To make the hours spent on the road a little more bearable, a lot of drivers play some music. While you can easily tune in to local radio stations, you may want to listen to specific genres that are not always included in the top charts. If this is the case, then you can rely on Spotify.

Spotify is an audio streaming app that covers different musical genres and hosts songs from numerous local and foreign artists. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find the perfect driving song in Spotify’s thousands of music libraries. When you want audio varieties, you can also listen to podcasts uploaded to the platform. There are various topics you can choose from, too. Whether you’re into inspirational talks or comedic discussions, you can find a podcast to keep you entertained while driving.


If you’re an avid reader, having Audible on your smartphone lets you catch up on the chapter where you last left off as you drive. Audible is an audiobook app, with a wide variety of genres available including classic titles, memoirs, fantasy, crime thrillers, and more. Apart from audiobooks, you can also listen to other spoken-word content like podcasts exclusive to the app. Audible also allows you to purchase audiobooks and listen to them offline.

Motolite RES-Q

You never know when you’ll encounter car troubles so it’s best to have the Motolite RES-Q on your smartphone. Primarily, the app offers car battery deliveries but has expanded its services to include emergency roadside assistance. You can use the app to get help to change a flat tire, check an overheating engine, or refill your fuel tank. Even better is that if your car currently runs on a Motolite battery, the app’s service will be free of charge. Of course, you need to pay for the fuel or replacement battery in cash or using any major credit card.  


Do you often forget where you parked in large parking areas and have to go around in circles looking for your vehicle? If so, you’ll benefit from downloading Parkify on your smartphone. This simple car locator app is available to Android users and can detect where cars are parked via Bluetooth. Essentially, the app detects the Bluetooth connection of your car to mark its location. Once you walk away from your car, the location will be automatically registered to the app and you can later follow the directions back to your vehicle.

If your car is not equipped with Bluetooth technology, you still use the app’s motion detection. This feature detects when you’re stepping out of the vehicle and will record the location. Also, you can register multiple vehicles to track into the app.


When you’re driving, your full attention must be on the road so you can avoid getting into accidents. You can’t afford to get distracted even for a couple of seconds to answer a call or read a text message. With an app like Drivemode, you can easily manage all your calls and messages without taking your eyes off the road. This app, exclusive to Android users, allows you to reply to messages using voice commands. It also has a Do Not Disturb mode to silence incoming calls and messages. You can also set up the app’s auto-reply function so you can let the person trying to get in touch with you know that you’re busy driving.


With the right apps installed on your phone, driving becomes less of a hassle. You can easily navigate the roads and get to your destination quickly, as well as answer calls and messages hands-free. When you’re stuck in traffic, you can listen to your favorite tunes through an audio streaming app. These apps don’t just make the drive bearable but also safe and enjoyable.