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6 Ways to Stay Cool Even without Air Conditioning

When living in a tropical country, you get used to the humidity and high temperature. But there are still some days when the heat is just unbearable, and you will do just about anything to stay cool. For some, considering the option to buy an air conditioner online is the easiest solution, but others may not have the same luxury. Even if you do have an AC, you may be considering the high electricity bill that comes with using it regularly. To help you out, here are some tips on how you can stay cool even without air conditioning:

Keep the Blinds Closed

You can help lower the temperature of any room by simply keeping the blinds closed or putting up curtains to block the sun’s heat. Since about 30 percent of unwanted heat comes through your windows, doing this will help reduce indoor temperature to as much as 6 degrees.

Adjust the Fan’s Position

The position of the fan in your room can affect how it cools you down. Adjusting the angle so it will be in front of you may feel comfortable, but it may just be helping your sweat evaporate. Instead, set it near the window to get better ventilation as it lets the cool air in and push the warm air out.

To get an extra chill, fill a mixing bowl with ice and place it at an angle in from of your fan. As the air from the fan evaporates off the ice, you will feel cooler.

If you have ceiling fans with adjustable settings in your home, make sure they are running in a counter-clockwise direction at high speed to move the breeze around. This will be helpful, especially during those hot summer days.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the most effective way to lower your body temperature is by drinking lots of water. Aside from the instant relief from the heat, keeping yourself hydrated is also be beneficial to your health.

Also, you shouldn’t just drink when you are thirsty because when you do, it means that you’ve already lost two or more cups of your total body water composition. Instead, keep a water bottle near you whether you are at home or out running errands. You may also want to use an insulated water bottle to and throw in some ice for a real cooling experience whenever you drink.

With this in mind, make sure to start and end your day with drinking at least a 250ml serving of water. It’s important to rehydrate yourself as soon as you wake up since your body loses water while you sleep.

Take a Cold Shower

Taking multiple showers in a day is a common practice in the country, especially at the peak of summer. It is a great way to cool down, whether during the day to perk yourself up or at night to feel refreshed before going to bed. You can also try washing your face with cool water throughout the day. The cold water running down on your skin will surely help keep your mind off the heat.

Choose Cotton Fabric

Choosing the material of your clothing can also make a difference when you want to feel cooler. During warmer days, wear clothes made of soft and breathable cotton fabric. It works well in soaking up your sweat and letting heat escape your body.

If you want to feel cool while you sleep, swap your sheets with one that is made of cotton. The material breathes easier and stays cooler, leaving you feeling more comfortable. Also, remember to switch your blanket to a cotton one as well.

Have Some Frozen Treats

Adding ice to water is the go-to action, but you can also have some frozen treats to keep the heat at bay. Crush some ice, add your favorite fruit, and make a fruit shake. They are great thirst quenchers and will really help you keep your cool. This may also be a great after-workout treat. Also, a popsicle in the afternoon wouldn’t hurt.

There are many ways to beat the heat even without an air conditioner. You just have to look for some creative and cost-effective solutions that can work in your favor. Consider the tips mentioned above for some great ways to stay cool this summer.