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With a lot of schools pushing for online classes this coming academic year, parents are beginning to modify their children’s list of back-to-school essentials. Students taking online classes for the first time require a different set of learning materials. So instead of filling their school bags with notebooks and pencils, parents now have to teach their children how to use laptops. Although laptops are needed to ensure a smooth online learning experience, young children might have difficulty getting used to them. If they aren’t comfortable using their laptops, it could affect their performance in class.

Fortunately, some accessories can help children stay focused during their online classes. Here are 6 laptop accessories you should consider getting for your children:


Not every laptop has good audio quality, so it’s good to buy headphones online or in a physical store. Headphones make it easier for your kids to understand their teachers since headphones offer a clearer and crisper sound quality. Headphones are also more comfortable and stable for children since they’re worn over their heads. Earbuds and earphones are notorious for not staying in place and could irritate your kids’ ears.

You can also get headphones that come with excellent features. For example, you can get headphones with good mics, so your children’s teachers and classmates can understand them better. You can also get headphones that come with noise cancellation to help reduce background noise.

Screen Protector

Another laptop accessory you should get for your kids is a screen protector. Your kids will stare at their laptops for a good portion of the day, and being exposed to the screen’s light for that long could lead to eye problems. Digital eyestrain and fatigue could turn to eye irritations, as well as bad eyesight in the future. With a screen protector, however, you can reduce the amount of glare and blue light that’s coming from the screen. This way, your children’s eyes won’t be too exposed to the screen’s intense light.

Aside from providing your kids with eye protection, screen protectors can also keep the screens in good condition. They can prevent fingerprint smudges and shield them from cracks and other types of damage. This way, you can rest assured that the laptops will last longer than the current school year.


If your kids are using 11 to 12-inch laptops, it’s possible that their systems only have two to three ports. One port for the charger, one port for the headphones, and one port for a USB type-A or type-C connector. For most students, this won’t be an issue. However, if your children need to connect several devices to improve their online class experience, their laptops might not have enough ports to support their needs. That’s why it’s smart to have a few USB hubs lying around.

USB hubs are designed to allow you to connect several devices to your laptop with ease. These will come in handy if your kids want to connect a mouse or keyboard to their laptops. USB hubs also make transferring data easier if the files are saved on your children’s phones or tablets.

Cooling Pad

Laptops can overheat after long hours of use, and if your kids’ systems don’t come with a built-in fan, their laptops will operate less effectively and experience damage. An excellent solution to this problem is getting laptop cooling pads. Like what their name suggests, laptop cooling pads are made to cool your laptops and prevent them from getting too hot. Some pads are also designed to provide elevation to ensure proper ventilation and user comfort. Moreover, cooling pads are practical laptop accessories since they’ll help keep the systems running smoothly during hot days.

Multi-Purpose Laptop Table

Switching to online classes can be difficult for children who are used to going to face-to-face classes. Since they’ll be at home using their laptops, it could take time for them to adjust to their new learning environment. One way to help your kids get used to online learning is to each get them a multi-purpose laptop table. Having a table specifically built for their laptops will make them feel like their sitting at their desks in school. This will also help them stay focused on their studies because they know that the table is reserved for their online schooling purposes. What’s more, they can organize their tables to fit their learning styles, so they can personalize their study space.

Laptop Cleaning Equipment

It’s important to keep your kids’ online learning environment neat and tidy. If their surroundings are riddled with clutter, they can easily get distracted and find it uncomfortable to do their online classes. A great way to keep their study stations clean is to provide them with basic laptop cleaning equipment. Each kit should include a cleaning cloth, screen cleaner spray, and keyboard cleaning brush. With these items on-hand they will encourage your kids to be responsible laptop owners and clean their systems regularly.


As a parent, getting your kids ready for their first online classes can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things you need to prepare for, from setting up their laptops to making sure that you can create a healthy learning environment at home. Thankfully, you can achieve your goals with the help of these 6 must-have laptop accessories. With these pieces of equipment, you can rest assured that your kids’ online learning experience will be a great one.