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6 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Your Smart TV

Back in the day, most people would buy new TVs for the express purpose of watching their favorite shows on cable or playing their favorite content on a portable player. For a long time, this shaped consumers’ understanding of how they could use their TVs. When shopping for a new television in the Philippines, you might be limiting your own perspective of what you can do with your TV to watching shows on cable, using a streaming service, or playing video games. But in truth, you’ll be able to do a lot more than that if you buy a smart TV with the most innovative and up-to-date features.

What are some of the most creative ways to use your smart TV? To answer that, here’s a list of things you can do with your new model. 

Stream Live Feeds from the Internet to Your Smart TV

You’re probably used to receiving live updates from your favorite news station, sports channel, or entertainment personality from the internet. But you aren’t limited to watching these from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can also connect your smart TV to live feeds from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitch. Doing so will allow you to watch updates in real time, and you’ll likely enjoy them even more thanks to the TV’s large, crisp, and clear display.

Designate Your Smart TV as Your Second Monitor

It’s also possible to use your smart TV as a second monitor for the work you do on your laptop. In fact, knowing that some of their consumers look for this functionality, many of the world’s top TV manufacturers have designed smart TVs that are easy to connect to computers. Some smart TVs come with wireless PC-to-TV features that can be activated through an app, while others enable wireless casting from a web browser. Also, others allow wireless mirroring from an operating system like macOS. Features like this will make it a breeze for you to use your smart TV for work as well as for leisure, as well as relieve your eye strain from staring at smaller screens.

Make Video Calls to Your Loved Ones Using Your Smart TV

Smart TVs are also ideal for video calls, since many models come with support for the most widely used video calling apps. If your smart TV doesn’t already come with a camera, you can attach a webcam to it and use it while making a video call to friends or family. Not only will it allow you to see your loved ones in full detail—but they’ll also be able to get a great view of you in the backdrop of your home. This can make the video call experience a more pleasant and intimate one overall.

Use Your Smart TV as a High-Powered Speaker for Audio Streaming Apps

There’s also the option to take a break from video content and to use your smart TV for audio content only. You can take advantage of your smart TV’s high-quality audio system by using it to stream music playlists, podcasts, or audiobooks from your preferred audio apps. You won’t even need to use your TV’s remote control to switch between items—you can simply connect your phone to the TV and use streaming platforms like Spotify from the former. Even when you aren’t looking at the TV, you can still use it to get maximum enjoyment out of your favorite media.

Connect Your Smart TV to IoT Devices in Your Home

Another cool feature of smart TVs from top-quality brands like Samsung, Sharp, Sony and many more is that it can serve as a control center of sorts for all the other smart devices in your home via the internet of things, or IoT. Activate a virtual assistant technology like Alexa or Google Assistant, and you will be able to issue voice commands to control your home’s smart security system, smart plugs, or smart light switches all through your smart TV. If you want intelligent and hands-free operation of all the gadgets in your home powered by IoT, a smart TV will be a great investment.

Get in Shape by Connecting Your Smart TV to a Fitness App

Lastly, you can use your smart TV to work on your personal fitness goals. On top of being able to stream all your favorite fitness-related content online, you can also connect your smart TV to fitness-related apps that can help you monitor your individual progress. Some models can sync up with other devices that you use for fitness, like a smartwatch with a fitness tracker. Others can even utilize AI technologies to survey your movements via webcam and recommend adjustments to the way you position your body. One thing’s for certain—the “couch potato” life isn’t the only thing that a new smart TV will be good for. 


The awesome thing about today’s TV models is that they are capable of doing so much more than before. Knowing how many interesting applications there are for a smart TV, look forward to buying one for yourself soon!