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6 Gift Ideas for Fresh College Graduates

The recent academic year has been anything but ordinary for a lot of students. Aside from attending online classes, seniors will most likely have a virtual graduation ceremony to ensure their safety. Although it is an unconventional way to signify the end of college, you can still celebrate with the recent graduates in your life by giving them something special. 

If you’re searching for the ideal present, here are some thoughtful and functional gift ideas you can give to fresh college graduates: 

A Laptop

One of the most useful gifts you can give to recent college graduates is a new laptop. While they may already have a tablet for their online classes, they may need a more powerful device to handle the different applications they need for work. Whether you plan to check out a laptop for sale in physical or online stores, consider the size of the device. 

In case you are eyeing something compact, a 13-inch laptop is a good choice. It has an ample screen size that will let individuals work on clear images and documents easily. Compared to other laptops, a 13-inch model is also more portable, which can be useful if they get a job that will require traveling or working remotely.

A Smartphone

Smart devices are fantastic gift ideas, especially for people who love gadgets. Also, many smart devices like a smartphone can be very handy for fresh graduates looking for employment. It will help them stay in touch with representatives of companies they are applying to, whether it’s through calls, instant messages, or emails. 

Smartphones also allow people to enjoy popular social media apps and keep an active profile, which can be beneficial when job hunting. Since many recruiters are using social media to find talented individuals for their clients or companies they work for, fresh grads can use their smartphones to check and respond to messages wherever they may be. 

Tech Accessories

If you are uncertain about what to give a recent college graduate, a wonderful gift idea is a tech accessory that pairs well with their gadgets. For example, Bluetooth earphones are great because they work with different kinds of devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  

Also, many individuals will appreciate Bluetooth earphones because they are handy. A lot of earphones also come with a built-in mic, so answering calls from the phone while working on another gadget is a breeze. For athletic people, these types of earphones are convenient options as there won’t be any wires that can get in the way of their activities.

Smart Casual Attire

Many companies in the Philippines require smart casual office attire at the very least. This dress code strikes a balance between casual and formal wear and is ideal for a lot of professional settings such as job interviews and business meetings. 

If you’re looking for a gift idea for fresh college graduates, smart casual clothes are a good choice. These garments can include long-sleeved button-up shirts, collared shirts, chinos, and dress pants. You can also include blazers in your shopping list as the piece can make outfits dressier. To complete the attire, consider gifting a pair of leather footwear. As a guide, get ballet flats for women and oxfords or loafers for men.  

A Satchel Bag

Most college students carry backpacks and totes to school because they’re spacious and can fit everything they will need for their classes. However, typical backpacks appear too casual and won’t match an office outfit. To help fresh college graduates project a more mature and professional look, get them a satchel bag as a gift.

A satchel is a medium-sized handbag with a short handle and a longer strap so users can wear it on their shoulders. It resembles a soft briefcase and is available in different sturdy materials such as leather and waxed canvas. Satchel bags are large enough to carry a laptop, notebooks, and everything a future employee may need at work.

A Timeless Watch

When looking for the perfect gift, consider those that the receiver will enjoy using every day such as a watch. Recent college graduates will appreciate receiving a timepiece. It will help remind them to be on time for job interviews, meetings, and other important appointments. Also, a watch is a fantastic accessory to elevate one’s style.

If you’re searching for the best timepiece to give as a gift, select one with a classic design. Those with stainless steel and leather straps are great options. They suit most outfits and can be worn for different occasions in and out of the office.


Giving fresh college graduates gifts is a wonderful way to celebrate their achievements and remember the important milestone. In case you’re uncertain about the best present to give, you can opt for any of the functional and thoughtful items mentioned above. Alternatively, you can give gifts related to the recent grads’ interests or something they can use for their future careers.