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​​5 Reasons to Choose a Split Type Aircon


Filipinos love to joke about the country’s hot weather, but the truth is that it’s no laughing matter. From rashes and cramps to severe exhaustion and stroke, extreme heat can endanger one’s health. This is why an air conditioner is a valuable piece of appliance. With its capability to cool the air down to as low as 16°C, an aircon can ensure your safety and comfort even on the hottest days.


Of course, you shouldn’t buy an air conditioner on a whim. It’s a big-ticket purchase so you really have to consider various factors, such as the price, the size of the room, and the aircon’s cooling capacity, among others.


Once you’ve finalized these details, the next step is to decide on the type of air conditioner you want. For many Filipino homes, the choice boils down to two: a window aircon and a split type aircon. In this article, you’ll find some of the best reasons you should go for a split type model. Hopefully, this can help you decide if this aircon is the right one for your needs.


Split Type Aircons Are Quieter


All air conditioners make some sort of noise, due to the motors that run the compressors. However, split type air conditioners are far quieter because the parts that make the most noise are located outside and completely separate. As a result, you’ll only hear the soft hum of the indoor unit blowing cold air into the space. In fact, you may not even hear a sound at all! With less noise, you’ll have fewer distractions so you’ll be able to focus on your job during the day and rest better at night.


Split Type Aircons Are Better for Cooling Bigger Spaces

If you want to cool down a bigger space, say your living room, it’s better to get a split type aircon. With the horizontal vents and high placement on the wall, it can more effectively recirculate cool air over a wider area.


This doesn’t mean that a window-type aircon can’t be used in big spaces. As long as you choose the right size, any air conditioner can cool down a room. However, design-wise, a split type model ends up as the more efficient choice.


Split Type Aircons Look Sleek and Sophisticated


If you’re particular about your home decor, then a split type air conditioner is really the best option. It sits high on the wall, usually near the ceiling, so it doesn’t draw the eye. It also doesn’t block your windows, so you can make the most of natural light. The outdoor unit also looks a lot neater and, with proper placement, won’t look too distracting.


Meanwhile, window-type aircons force you to make a hole in the wall or cut window grilles to make the unit fit. The design also looks bulky, which can get in the way of your interior decor. The back part of the unit is also quite distracting.


Obviously, the main function of an aircon is to provide you with a cooler indoor environment. Its style is secondary (or even lower in the list of priorities). Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to find something that’s also pleasing to the eye. You’re trying to improve comfort levels, after all, and a sleek-looking aircon that complements your home’s design can contribute to your sense of satisfaction with your space.


Split Type Aircons Have More Climate Control Options


As previously mentioned, getting an aircon is primarily about improving comfort. In this aspect, split type air conditioners have more flexibility since they often have more control modes compared to window type models. For example, split type aircons have adjustable fan speeds and blower angles. Depending on the model, you may also have a .5 interval for the temperature so you can get more precise adjustments.


Split Type Aircons Are More Cost- and Energy-Efficient


Thanks to inverter technology, split type aircons can cool down your home without consuming too much energy. This is good news for your electricity bill and your wallet, as well as the environment. Inverter aircons, in general, also last longer so they provide more value for your investment.


Do note that there are also window-type air conditioners that also make use of inverter technology. However, they are less common than inverter split type models. What’s more, when you compare the upfront costs of both types of inverter aircons with the same cooling capacity, the price range doesn’t differ by much. Ultimately, split type air conditioners give more bang for the buck.


At the end of the day, the “best” air conditioner is the one that meets all of your needs. It could be a window type model or a split type one—or even a portable air cooler! Still, if you aren’t limited in terms of budget and space, it’s worth considering a split type aircon for your home. It offers plenty of benefits that other kinds of aircons simply don’t have.