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Many individuals prefer using laptops because they’re compact and portable, which allows owners to take the device anywhere. They’re also helpful for people who are always on the go like remote workers and students taking online classes. Apart from their portability, laptops come in various styles and with different specifications. You can find a laptop for sale that’s lightweight and have all the necessary functions that let you easily accomplish tasks for work or school. There are also more robust and powerful laptops for gamers and programmers. 

Whether you’re getting a laptop for work or play, you must take good care of it. A well-maintained computer can be used at its top operational functionality for years, which helps you maximize your investment. If you’re a new laptop owner, however, you may need a bit of help in this regard. Here are simple maintenance tips you can follow: 

Invest in a Protective Case

The main advantage of a laptop is that it’s very portable. You can easily take it anywhere and have everything you’ll need for work. However, carrying an exposed device can make it prone to getting dings and dents due to accidental drops, bumps, and slips. To make sure your laptop remains in pristine condition during transport, you need to get a protective case. 

You can get a laptop sleeve, which is a soft envelope-style pouch that offers lightweight protection. It’s typically made of gentle materials like suede, nylon, or microfiber. 

Another option is to get a sturdy laptop bag with a cushioned case. Often, these bags have a padded insert dedicated to your laptop. This separates it from other items in your bag so it won’t get scratched or piled on. 

Avoid Overcharging

A lot of individuals dread seeing their laptop’s battery draining when they still have a few hours of work or play left to go. When the device shuts down, it can disrupt progress. If you’re one of these people, you may have been tempted to plug in the device as soon as it falls under 50 percent of battery life. However, doing so can damage the device in the long run.

When you unnecessarily charge your laptop, it can lead to overcharging and cause battery-related issues like regenerative capability deterioration. This is when the laptop can’t hold a charge as well as it used to during its earlier life. To avoid damaging your laptop’s battery and charging capability, only plug it in once the power is at about 40 percent and unplug it as soon as the battery reaches 80 to 100 percent.

Regularly Clean Your Laptop with the Right Tools

If you want to keep your laptop in the best condition, you need to keep it clean. Dirt and dust can get into your keyboard and screen, which can build up over time and affect how your device is performing. The keyboard keys can get stuck, while the screen won’t be clear enough for you to fully appreciate the display.  

To ensure your laptop continues to operate like new, you need to regularly clean the device with computer-safe cleaning products. These items will help you tidy up your laptop without damaging its sensitive components. For the screen, use pre-moistened screen wipes or microfiber cloths with computer-safe solutions. Avoid touching the screen with any sharp objects like pens as these can scratch the surface.

When it comes to your keyboard, don’t use paperclips to dislodge dirt or crumbs left between or under the keys. Doing this will only break the sensitive parts of your laptop. Instead, use a can of compressed air. These pressurized canisters of oxygen effectively blow the dust away from the small spaces between your laptop’s keyboard keys. For best results, follow the instructions of the cleaning product you’ll use.  

Be Mindful Where You Place Your Laptop

While a laptop allows you to use them anywhere, you still need to be mindful of where you set the device down. For instance, you shouldn’t place it on top of a blanket or pillow even if it’s comfortable to work or play while in bed. Soft surfaces may block the vents and cause the device to overheat. Instead, place the laptop on a flat surface where it can get sufficient ventilation.

Additionally, don’t place your laptop on surfaces where it can be easily damaged. This means keeping it away from the beach, where sand can get inside the laptop and damage its internal parts. Also, don’t place the laptop on the kitchen counter where you might accidentally spill liquids or food on your computer. 

Run Software Updates

One essential computer maintenance tip you need to know as a new laptop owner is to make sure you keep the device’s software up to date. Regardless of the operating system your device is running on, you need to keep it updated so it continues to perform optimally.

Software developers constantly roll out updates as additional security against cybercrimes. These updates keep data in your computer secured and the system stable. They also help prevent any emerging threats from affecting your system and operation. 


Laptops are compact alternatives to desktop computers and are great devices for people who are working remotely. Like any other electronic device, laptops require proper maintenance to ensure they function properly and last longer. If you’re a new laptop owner, you can follow these recommendations to keep your device looking and working like brand new for years.