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5 Essential Gadgets Your Need for Your Work from Home Job

Since the pandemic started, many have begun working from home because of the lockdown restrictions. As part of those affected, it’s very likely that you’ve made some adjustments to accommodate your new situation. Whether you’ve dedicated a part of your bedroom or a corner in the living room as your workspace, there is immense value in creating a conducive work environment.

At one point, you may have wanted to buy a laptop online, get a new lamp, or invest in a comfortable chair to improve your productivity. However, you may have missed out on some essential items as you’re setting up your home office. Here are some gadgets that can help working from home more efficient and pleasant. 

Sturdy Wi-Fi Router

Setting up your workstation at home includes a stable internet connection with a robust Wi-Fi router.  Most internet providers give a router with their plans, but some routers cannot maximize the bandwidth. Also, this default router may not be enough to ensure all your mobile devices are connected to the internet. So, you need to get one with the best coverage. On the other hand, if you plan to work in different parts of your house, you may want to invest in a mesh system. This ensures your connection won’t get cut off when you move from one room to another while on a conference call.

Powerful Laptop

It’s not a question of why a laptop is essential, but you do need one powerful enough to handle the demands of your job. To find the best laptop, you need to ask yourself these questions: Does your job require you to work with images, videos, and graphic designs? Do you spend most of the day writing documents, analyzing data, and sending emails? Your answer will dictate the functionality you need in a laptop. Also, these questions will help you choose the size and weight of your laptop. If you are working on images, you’ll need ample screen space. However, a compact one will be enough to help you with the various documents you need to work on.

Mobile Devices

Aside from helping you be constantly connected with the rest of your team, a smartphone or tablet can be handy during video conferencing. Many use them as an alternative webcam since most smartphones and tablets have excellent cameras, while others utilize them to support their presentations. For example, those who may be facilitating webinars may use their smartphone’s webcam for their audience to see them and then use their tablets to view their scripts or to control the slides in their presentations. 

Convenient Wireless Earphones

A pair of wireless earphones is essential and very convenient to use. You can use it to listen to some music and cancel out noise that may distract you from completing your task. Also, it’s a great gadget to have when you’re multi-tasking like answering calls while squeezing in some leg stretches.

Ergonomic Desk and Chair

When it comes to your back and shoulder, don’t make any sacrifices. Instead, taking care of them should be part of your priority even when you are working from home. Since you are spending hours at your workstation, you need to invest in a chair with an ergonomic design that will help you maintain proper posture. The same goes for your desk. It should have an adequate height, which will prevent you from slouching. If you want, you can select a desk with an extendable height that will allow you to work while standing up. This will be helpful when you need to relieve your lower back from the pressure of sitting down without compromising your work hours. 

Your current work-from-home setup may be far from ideal, but you can make your home suitable for work. Start with these essential gadgets, and you may find working from home more comfortable and more productive.