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Many household appliances allow you to do common chores easier, while some can improve your comfort and quality of life. For example, in the Philippines, residents buy air conditioners or air coolers for their homes so they can stay cool throughout the year. Nevertheless, like any other machine, appliances are prone to malfunction and will eventually wear out due to improper usage or old age.  

Fortunately, many appliances can be repaired; however, others may have damage that can no longer be fixed. In these situations, it’s better to replace them so that you can continue experiencing the convenience they give you.

The question is: how do you know if an appliance should be replaced and not repaired? Here are some examples and the signs you need to watch out for:

An Overheating Electric Fan

Every Filipino relies on an electric fan to help them get through the warm climate. Unless you have an air conditioning unit, your trusty electric fan is sure to be running all day and night. During the summer, you may be guilty of using the fan at maximum speed just to alleviate the intense heat. Doing this can make the fan motor dry, which can cause excess friction. Typically, this issue can be solved by removing the fan motor and lubricating it. However, if you constantly run the electric fan at full speed for a long time, it will overheat and eventually conk out.

When this happens, the best solution is to look for new air coolers and fans that will cool your space more efficiently. You can get a portable air conditioner and place it in different areas of your house or an industrial electric fan that’s designed for heavy-duty use. If you have the budget for it, it’s also best to have a couple of electric fans you can use alternately so you can minimize overheating issues.  

A High Energy-Consuming Air Conditioner

Because there are more affordable air conditioners available nowadays, many Filipinos are able to get a unit for their bedroom to sleep more comfortably at night. To help manage the increase in electrical consumption, you can compensate by using the aircon for limited hours. Unless there are sudden changes with how you use the air conditioner or in your home’s energy use, your electricity bill should remain the same every month or just fluctuate a bit on extra hot evenings. However, if you have been diligent in maintaining your energy usage and still see a surge in your bill, it may be time to check if your old air conditioner is the culprit.

Often, a high energy bill indicates your air conditioner is no longer as efficient as before. It may be working twice as hard to keep your space cool, which increases the energy consumption. If this is the case, it’s best to find a replacement. 

Before purchasing a new air conditioner, check the unit’s energy efficiency rating or EER. It must at least have a rating of 10, but a rating of 12 and higher is considered very efficient. Also, you may want to invest in an air conditioner powered by inverter technology. This type of air conditioner adjusts the room temperature by changing the motor speed without turning it on or off. The constant start and stop of the compressor motors in non-inverter air conditioners use more power and energy, which can contribute to a high electricity bill.

A Refrigerator That No Longer Cools

Refrigerators are used to keep food fresher for longer through the use of cool air. While the appliance can last up to 15 years, it can break down even before it reaches its tenth year of service. Typically, you’ll see signs when it’s time to replace your refrigerator. One of them is if the food you place inside takes a long time to cool down. If this happens, you need to consider a replacement soon or risk food spoilage. 

When shopping for a new refrigerator, keep in mind the size that will fit in your kitchen. Ideally, you want to get a unit with similar dimensions as your current refrigerator. This way, you won’t have any issues with where to place your new appliance and if it will fit the entryway to your home and kitchen. Also, consider the shelf space and storage compartments of the fridge. You must have sufficient space for all your food and groceries to keep them fresh for an extended period. 

A Noisy Washing Machine

While some Filipinos like the delicate and effective treatment of handwashing clothes, many individuals are embracing the convenience of using a washing machine—especially those who handle laundry loads for a large household. Due to various parts of the appliance being in constant contact with water and repeated spinning cycles, your washing machine is prone to break down over time. Another factor that can damage is when you put too many garments in one load.

If your washing machine is producing excessive noise, it’s time to look for a replacement. When searching for a new washing machine, make sure it has a large capacity that can accommodate your typical laundry load. If you can only buy a smaller machine, wash smaller loads more frequently instead so you can enjoy using your washing machine longer.


Furnishing your home with the right appliances can increase your comfort levels and help you do household chores faster and more effectively. Depending on how you use them and their expected years of service, appliances will wear out and need to be replaced. While you can’t be certain when exactly it will happen, there are obvious indications that you’ll notice in different appliances. Make sure to watch out for these signs and replace the busted machine immediately so you can keep enjoying the convenience that your home appliances provide.